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With this email we like to share with you the innovations shown by 6TL at the Productronica 2013. The 6TL fastATE products generated a lot of interest at the booth of 6TL.
If you where not able to visit or missed the 6TL Booth we
hereby like to share with you the information that was presented by 6TL.
It explains the benefits that 6TL can offer with their
fastATE concept, enabling you or your engineers to reduce the ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) integration time up to 70%.

Who is 6TL?

6TL is a member of the Spanish Sistel Group and an NI Silver Alliance Partner with over 27 years of experience in development, design and building hardware modules that can be used to create innovative, flexible and modular base test platforms.
Based on this extensive experience, the company has developed
a highly efficient and modular way to assemble base test platforms called fastATE
6TL uses only high-quality products and interface systems to guarantee the best price-performance ratio for its customers.  With the 6TL fastATE concept as a base, you can develop complete Automatic Test System up to 70% faster than when you build your ATE the conventional way

fastATE turns recurrent engineering tasks into standard products

All fastATE products, on display in our booth, click on the image to learn more about them.-

fastATE 6TL-08 Base
test platform.

fastATE Man Machine
Interface (MMI) and
Servo driven fastATE
linear pusher module
YAV90G10, 6GHz, RF
fastATE Switching
fastATE  modules in a
VPC G12 Interface.

Below some additional links to get more information on our FastATE concept.

Movie shown during Productronica,
showing WHY FastATE.
view on YouTube
6TL's Vimeo channel

Overview of most common 
FastATE products.
6TL Website.

Brochure explaining the
6TL FastATE concept.
Brochure or more On 6TL Website.

Movie Showing our
FastATE 6TL-33 High-Speed test handler in action.
Brochure or on 6TL Website.

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